The Complete All-in-One Crew App

View all of your flight schedules, hotel stays and transport at any time


An intelligent crew app

It updates your flight schedules and transport changes and syncs your duty in ‘real-time’


A helpful crew app

It tracks your transport on a map and gives you an accurate ETA at all locations



CrewzIt is an all-in-one Crew App, designed to simplify our airline partners
needs to help their crew members throughout their work day journey.

The App features

Easy access to hotel information

  • View contracted amenities (specific to crew)
  • Check in – Check out time
  • Hotel shuttle Pickup information
  • Know what other colleagues are staying at the hotel
  • Rate the hotel and provide feedback

Transportation Information

  • Transportation contact information
  • Pickup and drop off details
  • Vehicle Tracking GPS enabled feature to see accurate ETA for pick-ups– currently being deployed. – Note: the GPS tracking feature must be requested by your airline.

Schedule Information

  • View current BID, access to flight information: gate, terminal, tail number, what other crew members are on same trip

The Complete All-in-One Crew App

It provides access to:
Crew Schedules • Hotel Information • Transportation Arrangements


  • Hotel Connections

    CrewzIt is a great quick reference for my scheduled day, hotel assignment, and transport. Other methods can be time consuming and difficult to read with multiple small tight columns. CrewzIt has a large, easy to read print, which in a dim cockpit is a must. Thanks for making "the big picture" accessible, informative and easy to navigate!

    ATI Captain10/2019
  • Hotel Connections

    As an Account Manager for three regional airlines I can firmly say transportation issues are the number one crew complaint we deal with on day in and day out basis. Because of this I am very excited at the possibilities that Crewzit now offers for real time ground transportation tracking and monitoring. Not only is this a benefit for the crew, that no other current crew app is offering, it is a great analytical tool for Account Management teams to navigate transportation issues as they occur and in real time. This data will aid in reporting metrics for airline management as well as offer them digital mapping of where their crews are at all times while on duty and allow a digital footprint to be saved should they encounter ay unexpected ground-related incidents. It is also a modern benefit that we are offering hotel partners to access productivity and efficiency for one of their largest cost centers- transportation. All in all this is another great HCI tool that will have beneficial impacts for all three stakeholders in our profession: HCI, our airline client portfolio, and our wonderful hotel partners!

    M. MaldonadoTSH
    Hotel Connections
  • CrewzIt & HC Implementation Team,
    Well done! I have had such great feedback and our Chief Pilot came to my desk first thing this morning and told me how nice the app was. On behalf of myself, our management and our crew members, thank you for your support and dedication to our account and for pushing through the challenges. Most Appreciatively,

  • University Plaza Hotel

    Things keep getting easier! I love it when technology works!
    The schedules get loaded into the UtShuttle portal by Hotel Connections. This works great!  It shows the flight number and number of people we will be transporting which was a function we did not have in the system.
    We are CrewzIt ready!!

    Brent Parker, General ManagerUniversity Plaza Hotel & Convention Center  Springfield, MO - Atrium Hospitality
    University Plaza Hotel

How It Works


Easy setup

Setting up our app is swift and easy. It takes a couple of minutes to start viewing your personalized highly relevant daily data in a manageable format. Click here to see how to change your password.

Feature rich

This app has been designed by using an extensive amount of crew research & feedback to ensure it covers all of their work needs. Updated Flight schedules, Hotel information, and Ground Transportation – All in one!



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Benefits to Airlines


The app works wherever an airline flies to – all airports are covered.

Flight Updates

Our app can be customized as per airline requirements and themes.

Highly Relevant

The app is updated with the latest flight information in real-time

Benefits to Users

Trip List

The user can see current BID and past (one month)

Hotel Info

The user can get a complete overview of hotel information, contracted amenities specific to crew. Provide feedback and rate their stay

Transport Info

The user can locate their pick-up on a map on the app, and connect with the driver, dispatch or hotel. User can also rate their ride.

Share Info

A user may share their schedule

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